Esscom Donates First Steyr Air Rifle to Megalodon Shooting Club


Our first donation to the friendly club SK “Megalodon” Banja Luka is the latest STEYR CHALLENGE E air rifle.

The unique STEYR CHALLENGE E is a real challenge to the best air rifles in the world. Equipped with an electronic trigger and multi-functional adjustments, the rifle can be made to perfectly fit the shooter.

It represents the new generation of STEYR LG 110.

The original STEYR LG110 match air rifle was used by Thomas Farnik who set a new world record in the Olympic finals.

We hope that the donations will help them in competitions, training of their best shooters, as well as representing the club in the world of archery.

This is the first and only rifle of this type in the territory of the RS/BiH, and because of this, SK “Megalodon” becomes the only club that will own this type of sports equipment.

The rifle comes from a world-renowned company for the production of sporting weapons. The construction, development and technical production of sports weapons for the company STEYR SPORT represents more than work. The company is located in Ernsthofen, Austria.

We would also like to thank the staff at STEYR SPORT who were very kind and helpful with the information as well as picking up the rifle.


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