Information system for billing and parking control

 The web application of the “m-Parking” system provides users with all the necessary functions for efficient and simple monitoring, management and organization of billing and control of parking via SMS service.

The Android application allows you to easily check the payment of a parking space based on license plates using the OCR module or by manually entering tables into the intended form.

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Web application for tracking and work of the handball federation

ESavez web application provides users with all functions that are needed for efficient and simple monitoring, management and organization of handball federation.

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Electronic accounting assistant

 “ERA” is software that standardizes the processing of KIF and KUF documents for sending accounting records to UINO. The system offers the possibility of processing KIF and KUF files exported from the existing software you use, as well as the possibility of manually entering data into the “eRA” system for processing.

Using “eRA” software is extremely simple and does not require advanced knowledge of computer skills.

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Application for monitoring and controlling production processes

The application enables the creation of purchase orders from the product orderer. In the center of the application there are components that contain data on materials and articles or semi-finished products as well as operations that need to be performed in order to create the product.

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System for administration of fishing associations

 The web application of the “eFishermanc” system provides users with all the necessary functions for efficient and simple monitoring, management and organization within the sport fishing society, creation of periodic reports, creation of members, membership cards and other activities.

To use the web application, you need access to a computer, tablet or smartphone, a web browser and Internet access.

Looking into the future



Hotel Terme Ozren

Lučić - PE Plastic and Paper Packaging

Shooting Club Megalodon

ENPay - Electronic Toll Collection

Ondina Gingerbreads


The main challenge in designing the website for Terme Ozren was to create a large number of unique individual sections and elements on each page that would fit into the general aesthetics of the entire site, and which would credibly reflect the diversity of content and offer of Terme.

The site for the company Lučić d.o.o. is built on professionally done photos of the production plants, production processes and products, of which the most prominent is the video montage incorporated into the modernly designed Hero section of the home page.

We have created a web space where users, in addition to the most important information about the club itself, can also get information about the sport of shooting in general. The design follows modern trends, among which the most interesting are the parallax effects and content discovery when scrolling the page.

Frequent promotional activities that ENPay offers to its users require continuous creation of new and deletion of old sections on the site. This work is significantly facilitated by the simple structure of the site, which is presented in the form of vertically stacked blocks that follow the call to action logic.

What is the best way to virtually present something as simple as gingerbread? By bringing them to life through 3D effects and the ability to interact with mouse or finger movements. In this way, users become active participants in the content of the website, creating a better connection with the product.